Isla de sa Ferradura, Spain


The Isla de sa Ferradura is located in the Mediterranean, just off the shore of Ibiza. It is an entire island that you can call your own for a week, if you’ve got deep pockets as deep as royalty and other rich personalities.

The 14-acre private island is said to be the hide-out of pirates on the run from the Spanish military in the 17th century. It boasts of a hidden cave converted into a spa literally in the embrace of nature, subtropical lagoon and waterfalls, and steep cliffs. Modern water sports equipment for waterskiing, jet skiing, surfing, diving and more.

6 Most Expensive Vacation Spots in the World - Isla de sa Ferradura in Spain

The Island

The white casa is the main living space with four types of suites – principal, bamboo, Perla, and Azul, all of which are furnished to blend in perfectly with nature. And since each suite boasts of an outdoor lounging area and pocket garden, guests can easily enjoy the tranquility Isla de sa Ferradura can bring. Of course, every suite has modern facilities like an entertainment system, satellite system, and more.

Around Isla de sa Ferradura, there are salons, four individual bars, an in-house cinema, and traditional Spanish bodega located underground, a fitness centre, wine bodega, and party terrace with its own stage.

6 Most Expensive Vacation Spots in the World - Isla de sa Ferradura rooms, Spain

How Much?

To rent out Isla de sa Ferradura with you and 13 other people, you need to reserve at least a week for a whopping $230,000. Included in the rental is a highly trained staff from masseuse to chefs and even party organizers. The fully equipped Spanish kitchen is home to a world-class chef who creates Ibiza and Spanish-French cuisine.

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