Nygard Cay, Bahamas

$42,000 per day

One of the most interesting vacation spots on this list comes from the Bahamas. The Nygard Cay is owned by Finnish-Canadian billionaire Peter J. Nygard, who bought the 150,000-square feet Lyford Cay in 1987 and renamed it completely. The property is located at the end of Lyford Cay in New Providencia, just around 22 minutes from Paradise Island.

As one of the oldest private resorts, Nygard Cay has entertained many personalities like Prince Andrew Duke of York, Sarah Ferguson, the Kennedy’s, former President George Bush, and even celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Sean Connery and Robert DeNiro.

The number of celebs isn’t the most interesting tidbit about this place. Peter Nygard has been in a decades-long feud with his Bahamas next-door neighbor, New York hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon (who owns the adjacent mansion in Lyford Cay). What started as a small misunderstanding over a runoff, turned out into over 16 lawsuits between Bacon and Nygard with allegations ranging to activities such as vandalism, insider trading, destruction of seabed, arson, and even murder. Nygard Cay was partly destroyed in a fire on November 2009, but Nygard planned to renovate it for $50 million

9 Most Expensive Vacation Spots in the World - Nygard Cay, The Bahamas

Nygard Cay

The entire Nygard Cay was inspired by the Mayan civilization’s architecture. The main building, a 32-square feet structure, boasts of a grand hall with over 100,000 pounds of glass ceiling.

All over the Nygard Cay, guests have access to a basketball court, a tennis court, two volleyball courts, a 24-seat movie theatre, pools and hot tubs. It also has a whimsical, Robin Crusoe-inspired playground complete with waterslides.

Nygard Cay houses 10 bedrooms and 5 Jacuzzis. Guests also have access to nearby destinations, such as two casinos, the largest aquarium in the world and plenty of diving spots care of Stuart Cove’s Dive.

How Much?

When the property was rented out to the public, the daily rate was $42,000 per day plus 7% Bahamas tax. This includes a chauffeur-driven limo or Hummer pick-up from the Nassau International Airport, full staff support, food and drinks. Of course, season (high or low peak) and number of guests contribute to the rate. You can also rent 1 or 2 state-rooms on the 85-feet Italian yacht at $2,500 per state-room/per night.

Photos by: Vladi Private Islands and Save The Bay

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